I can recommend MHL with confidence to anyone | Military Home Loans

I can recommend MHL with confidence to anyone

Brent E

WOW! So many good things to say about Melissa and the entire team at MHL. My client fell out of escrow on two properties before finally finding the winner. It took a lot of time and effort on the part of MHL each time we cancelled a contract and opened a new one but Melissa handled it with grace and class. She never made us feel like a burden and encouraged us the whole way, even through the rocky times. Melissa & the MHL team were lightning fast when it came to ordering appraisals, getting docs to clients, responding to emails, etc. It felt like I had my own personal concierge. Melissa was on top of our deal in such a fashion that made me feel like we were the only clients she cared about even though this is a firm that process 100+ loans per year. The experience, speed, kindness, customer service, response times & personality of Melissa & everyone at Military Home Loans was 5 stars, without hesitation. I can recommend MHL with confidence to anyone looking for ANY TYPE of home loan (they do conventional & FHA loans too!). Thank you MHL!


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