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Buying a home is much like visiting a foreign country: Your experience depends on how you approach it. Your could buy an area map and figure it out yourself. Or you could partner with a tour guide to keep you safe, well fed without falling into a tourist trap, and have peace of mind that you are not missing out on the best places to go based on what YOU want to see and do.

By veterans for veterans, Military Home Loans was created with this same philosophy in mind. We are your tour guides to help you maximize your well-earned VA home loan benefit, and ensure you have the best experience based on you and your family’s unique needs.

  • Ask us ANY VA home loan question, anytime -- with 89% of our loans being VA, we  likely have a fast and ready answer
  • Discover VA-specific situations -- such as marriage, kids, retirement, and house type -- that might impact your loan
  • Find the best loan, VA or otherwise, for you and your family’s current financial situation and future plans
  • Get current VA mortgage rates in California, Washington, and Nevada
  • Be quickly pre-approved in just a few hours -- with a pre-approval, agents and sellers will have extra confidence that your loan will go through
  • Let us handle all the paperwork for a smooth and easy VA loan process

Making a decision about whether to use your VA benefits now or later doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with knowledgeable loan officers who answer the phone and know you by name -- not just a file number -- you might even have some fun in the process!

Call Ken, Karen, or any one of our expert VA home loan officers at (619) 422-5900.

Military Home Loans is a military family-run branch or American Pacific Mortgage Corporation, an NMLS 1850 Equal Housing Lender. We serve military, veterans, and their real estate agents.



How We Got Started Helping Other Veterans

In 1996, Ken and Karen Bates, now both military veterans, bought their first home with a $500 deposit and a VA loan. They were confident and educated, but in reality, had no idea what they were doing or even what questions to ask. All they wanted was a reliable person to help them out -- someone who knew and understood VA loans and their family’s situation and provide options so they could make the best decision. Someone who would make sure all the dots were connected and ensure that the loan would go through smoothly -- and not fall through due to some overlooked technicality.

But it didn’t seem like that existed.

That’s one reason Karen and Ken started Military Home Programs in 2004, which became Military Home Loans in 2014: to help veterans like you.

Today, Karen and Ken have been helping veterans like you with their VA loans for more than 14 years!




Karen Bates

Karen Aguayo Bates, Champion for Veterans


Karen Bates, CPA, served eight years in the Navy as an Air Traffic Controller and a total of 15 years as a military wife. Karen’s not only great at talking to families about their passions and plans for the future, but also loves to coach her loan officers in the art of “concierge” VA home loan service.

Karen’s goal is to have everyone at Military Home Loans help more military families make a truly informed decision about whether using their VA benefits for their dream home is right for them now or in the future.

Ken Bates

Ken Bates, USN CDR (ret)

Branch Manager

NMLS #253312

Ken Bates – or “Mr. VA Loan,” as we jokingly call him, retired as a Commander after 20 years in the Navy. He started as a Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) in the F-14 Tomcat, just like “Goose” in Top Gun, then going to U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (TPS), and finally finishing his time as an Aeronautical Engineering Duty Officer (AEDO).His first passion is quickly identifying and solving problems with the best solution possible. Often that means analyzing some complicated spreadsheet that shows how the lowest rate might not be your best choice, when refinancing might not be a good choice, or how some little known rule can help you save thousands in fees.

Ken is also the chair of the National Association of Mortgage Professionals VA committee and extremely active in improving the VA Loan program. Because of his ongoing commitment, the VA leadership often turns to him for analysis and input when new policies are being considered. This in-depth and knowledgeable network can be of great help, especially with unusual VA cases.